Accepted Submissions

The submissions below have been accepted for presentation during the workshop and publication in the MobileHCI 2015 Adjunct Proceedings:

  • Yitong Huang; Anya Skatova; Benjamin Bedwell; Tom Rodden; Victoria Shipp; Emma Bertenshaw: Designing for Human Sustainability: The Role of Self-Reflection
  • Alexandra L. Young; Anya Skatova; Benjamin Bedwell; Tom Rodden; Victoria Shipp: The Role of Accidental Self-Reflection in Wearable Camera Research
  • Genovefa Kefalidou; Viet Hoang; Muhammed Hunaif Padiyil; Benjamin Bedwell: Retroflection: Self-Reflection for Knowledge and Culture Sustainability
  • Sze Yin Kwok; Anya Skatova; Victoria Shipp: The Ethical Challenges of Experience: Sampling Using Wearable Cameras
  • Myriam Frejus; Beatrice Cahour : Self, Reflection and Activities in Energy Consumption Situations
  • Maliheh Ghajargar; Eleonora Gargiulo; Roberta Giannantonio: Mobile Awareness: Design for Connectedness
  • Sze Yin Kwok; David Harrison: Design of Individualized Eco Labels using Social Media
  • Kher Hui (Marina) Ng; Victoria Shipp; Anya Skatova; Benjamin Bedwell: What’s cooking: A digital intervention to encourage sustainable food behaviour using mobile and wearable technologies

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