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Enhancing Self-Reflection with Wearable Sensors

This workshop took place at Mobile HCI 2014, in Toronto, Canada, 23rd – 26th of September, 2014.

Advances in ubiquitous technologies have changed the way humans interact with the world around them. Technology has the power not only to inform and perform but also to further peoples’ experiences of the world. It has enhanced the methodological approaches within the CHI research realm in terms of data gathering (e.g. via wearable sensors) and sharing (e.g. via self-reflection methods). While such methodologies have been mainly adopted in isolation, exploring the implications and the synergy of them has yet to be fully explored. This workshop brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers to explore and experience the use of wearable sensors with self reflection as a multi-method approach to conduct research and fully experience the world on-the-go.

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The extended abstract for the workshop can be viewed here or in the ACM Digital Library here.

Alan Dix’s contribution Sensing the Miles can be viewed here, including videos looking at data gathered during his 1000 mile walk around Wales in 2013: possibly the largest public domain ECG trace, as well as other bio-sensing, location and qualitative data.