The Organisers

Genovefa Kefalidou is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Human Factors, University of Nottingham (UoN). Her research interests lie in contextual computing and services, exploring human factors in interactive and innovative systems. She is conducting research using self reflection methods in HCI and Engineering. Last year, she led a workshop on self-reflection and sensors at MobileHCI 2014.

Anya Skatova is a Research Fellow in Social Psychology at Horizon, UoN. Her background is in experience sampling applications for psychology and HCI research. In June 2013 she organised a one-day workshop Diary Studies and Digital Technology at Horizon. She co- organised a workshop on self-reflection and sensors at MobileHCI 2014. Her on-going projects feature diary methods to study individual choices in real life settings.

Victoria Shipp is a Research Fellow in User-Centred Design at Horizon, UoN. She uses ethnography and mixed-methods in the design process utilising wearable cameras for self-reflection through interviews and online diaries. She co-organised a workshop on self- reflection and sensors at MobileHCI 2014.

Ben Bedwell is a Research Fellow at Horizon, UoN. His background is in Computer Science and Digital Economy and has a particular interest in developing technologies for self and environmental energy sustainability.